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I really hate to do this... But I need your help...

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Fund is up to $555 of the needed $2000 for surgery! YAY! People are so awesome. Every little bit helps guys, keep spreading the word. Let's all help get this sweetie her leg fixed.

Last Thursday Lissa (my better half) and I adopted a new cat.


She is gorgeous, the sweetest little thing ever. She loves cuddles and is so squee she made my heart melt... And I'm not swayed easily. 


But when we got her home we noticed something was wrong, see she sneezed on Lissa and the discharge was streaked with blood and one of her hind legs didn't move properly... We took her to the vet. They ran blood tests and determined she had a cold like infection. They did X-rays and then we got some bad news.


This sweet, adorable little one year old cat had been living wild in the middle of nowhere in Australia. She has scarred little ears. She's skinny and small... And she was hit by a car. Her pelvis and leg had been broken and her hip had been dislocated. The fractures healed quite well, if not perfectly, but the dislocation didn't. The ball at the top of the femur is out of place and needs surgery to fix it.


The diagnosis cost us nearly $600. The surgery could cost us another 1500. We need help.


We have set up a GOfundme account to help raise $2000 to cover all the vets bills.


We want to make her life as happy and comfortable as we can. And we want her to be healthy...


Please help us.

Getting To Know Me

!. Are you named after anyone?


    No. My grandfather named me. Apparently there was a song called Tracy that came out around then, but I've never heard it.


2. When was the last time you cried?

     The other day while watching Call the Midwife on my DVR.


3. Do you have kids?

     Yes three boys, 23, 20 and almost 17.


4. If you were another person would you be friends with yourself?

     I doubt it. I'm rather dark and disturbing and sarcastic.


5. Do you use sarcasm a lot?



6. Will you ever bungee-jump?

      I would love to but someone would have to push me.


7. What's your favorite cereal?

      Anything with tons of sugar, but I can't eat it.


8. What's the first thing you notice about people?

      Hair. My hair is down to my waist so that's what I notice.


9. What is your eye color?



10. Scary movie or happy ending?

        The scarier the better.


11. Favorite smells?



12. Summer or winter?

        Summer. I loathe winter but live in Wisconsin where winter lasts forever.


13. Computer or television?

        Television. Especially stuff from the BBC.


14. What the furthest you ever been away from home?

        I'm not sure of the mileage but I've been about a 24 hour drive away a couple of times.


15. Any special talents?

       None, other than reading fast.


16. Where were you born?



17. What are your hobbies?

        Just reading.


18. Do you have any pets?

        5 Cats and 5 dogs.


19. Favorite movie?

       Gone with the Wind. Don't judge me.


20. Do you have any siblings?

        2 brothers that I claim and one I don't.


21 What do you want to be when you grow up?

       When I was a kid I wanted to be a vet but now I just want to be paid to read.


April Parr boasts about how she got around a block by sock puppet img

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Really,  you can't make this shit up.  "Thankfully,  I have a brain and knew how to make up a second account."

Political Correctness & Social Justice

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"And I don't remember using the phrase PC Police but yes - as a writer I feel as artists are severely inhibited by political correctness. And I have very very often felt a victim of people who want to sanitize the world."

Not my quote. I disagree with it. I don't see political correctness and social justice as being bad things. I think they're GOOD things. And thus I tend to view those AGAINST PC and SJ as...well, I kind of wonder if they would prefer to say their racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist things without consequence.


But, gosh, y'all - there are writers who feel SEVERELY INHIBITED because in public they're not allowed to share all their -ist and -phobic views. Won't somebody please think of the -ist and -phobic artists?! *headdesk*

In fact, they're totally allowed to share all their -ist and -phobic views. They just don't want to be called out on them.

Threats and Death threats

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I can't report them to Wattpad because I'm not a member.




But give a one-star rating to an unread book is juvenile.  And I need to take a chill pill.  And I'm twisting people's words WHEN I FUCKING QUOTE THEM.


I DEFENDED THE WATTPADDERS' RIGHT TO CARPET BOMB MY OWN FUCKING BOOKS, but my friends?  Well, the few who really ARE my friends know it.


The rest of you . . . .


Raani York wrote about threats to her person.  Did she ever supply any evidence?  Oh, poor, poor, Raani.


I have 20+ more pages of this . . . stuff.






You can see the time on the clock, SA.  The butter is still warm.


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Unfortunately I didn't screencap before her Twitter feed went locked, so all I have is this hand-typed RT I did.

There are other screencaps going around, though: (J.M. Favorited that D.S. Tweet, by the way)

Please note that D.S. is not only an author, but the Vice President and Editorial Director of a publisher:

Goodreads down?

Anyone else having trouble getting onto goodreads?

Goodreads Author Guidelines Are Not Just Suggestions. Or Are They?

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So, here I am minding my business this morning, when Ms. Judith-Victoria Douglas pops up on a feedback thread about reviews I'd been participating in. She decided it was her duty to spread a PSA about trolls and the illness that is trolling. Of course, her example of this tragic illness was a one-star review of one of her books. I know, you've seen this before.


I don't usually do my own posts about BBA's, I rarely have the time and they get enough attention as it is, but I'm doing one for Ms. Douglas. Not just because of her ridiculous and inappropriate behavior, but because I'm getting sick of seeing how many authors have so little understanding of the Author Guidelines or how goodreads works, in general.


Here is Ms. Douglas's first post in feedback. Warning: These posts are very poorly written and slightly incoherent. I know, you've seen this, too. Bear with me, please.

 photo image_zpsc93cdc8b.jpg



Naturally, myself and others pointed out that what she was doing was against the sites TOS and that we'd reported her blog post linking to a users review. Here is the blog post in question.

 photo image_zps044ada99.jpg


Everything that follows after is pretty typical. I'm just going to C&P her comments so you get the gist.


Judith-Victoria wrote: "No nasty names mentioned. Only a link for readers to know the current psychological study on those who troll. To be called a troll would be bad enough, but to have a psychological review of those who do it called serious names is for the protection of the public. If you don't want to be put in that category, then don't troll. It's really not as much fun for the rest of us as it is for those who do it. If GR curtails my activity and not yours, then it will prove some of my opinions of those managing the site. Some were the very culprits in the past, but still linger. This was only a matter of time in coming."


Uh-Huh. And a little more when readers point out that the review was entirely about the book and even included multiple status updates....



Judith-Victoria wrote: "An honest review, even a bad one that tells why it was not liked and gives some suggestions would be welcome. Thank you for the warning. You are such a sweet person for caring so much about authors who point out personal attacks masked as a review. It makes it a dishonest review and shows the reviewer for what she is. I don't have to call anyone a name. The tags are in reference to the article. Since I am in the psychological field I am only one who has suggested that internet trolling be added to the DSM as a personality disorder. I think the article suggests that further research will prove that it is. I'm only warning the public and anyone who thinks personal attacks on others, in the guise of a work (be it book or other types) are fun. Best of luck to you."


It was also pointed out that there were several suspicious accts she was following, that had only rated her books. Are you surprised yet? I am. Apparently, those accts are mine? *eyeroll*


photo image_zps1344a2a3.jpg


Then the obligatory ranting on Facebook.


photo 62662306-01a3-4f97-9ffc-e80d92d7302c_zps97676fa1.jpg




She also seems to think this behavior is a great marketing plan for her books. So, not so much a PSA as a temper tantrum by, yet another, unprofessional author. Now, either GRs deleted her blog post or she deleted it herself, doesn't really matter, so she put up another one, minus the link and names of GRs users and double on the cray-cray to make up for the loss.


This is what got me, though. I mean, they all follow the same BBA playbook, she's certainly not doing anything new, right?  Either having no idea how GRs works or thinking they're above reproach because of their author status, seems to be a common theme among these misbehaving authors. As evidenced below in Ms. Douglas latest blog where she advises anyone who doesn't like negative comments to report everything to the GRs LIBRARIANS!




photo image_zps14e55df0.jpg


There's been some discussion on a feedback about how GRs plans on preventing these types of situations from happening in the future. Anyone who's interested or has any ideas should definitely go put in their two cents or start a new topic.




 ETA: Ms. Douglas has apologized for her mistake in assuming the reviewer was a psycopath with troll disease. But it's still everyone's else's fault for listening to her rants and it's people like those that make the site so awful. Not the authors running around name-calling and making accusations. No, of course not.

photo image_zpsb4fec013.jpg


Blossom Culp


This came in the mail today! This series of books was one of my absolute favorites as a child. I think I read "Ghosts I Have Been" a hundred times. I didn't even know this book existed until recently. I can't wait to start!

The Great Rewrite-or Not

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“History is written by the victors.”  Winston Churchill


“… our mission here at STGRB is accomplished.  The fact is that the bullies have lost their “holy” war. So, we won’t be blogging about them that much anymore.”  ” In other words, they have lost their power and they won’t be getting it back.”  STGRB


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. . . And the horse you rode in on

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An open letter to Mr. Rick Carufel:



Y'know what, Mr. Carufel?  You owe some of us one big fat fuckin' apology. 
Some of us, many of us, most of us, maybe even all of us. 
We didn't stalk you, Mr. Carufel.  We didn't stalk your buddy Carroll Bryant either.  Did we read your blogs?  Of course we did.  Isn't that why you wrote them?  Since when does reading a blog constitute "stalking"?
We didn't threaten you, Mr. Carufel.  We didn't threaten anyone.  The very worst thing we did was to give your books low ratings because we either didn't like the books, or we didn't like you.  Did we also sometimes give low ratings to people who associated with and/or supported you?  Yes, we did.  Maybe because we didn't like their books either.  Or we didn't like them.  You know what, Mr. Carufel?  It's not a crime, not in Virginia, not in Minnesota, not in any of these 50 states or in most civilized countries to not like someone.
Did we "hide" behind made-up screen names?  Yeah, some of us did.  Some of us still do.  And that's not a crime either, no, not even in Virginia.  But most of us operated pretty much with only one name at a time, and either through our avatars or the variations on the main name you knew who we were.  Joking around with a screen name isn't quite the same as having a bunch of sock puppet names, like "Mary Shelly" and "Squa Tront" and "Spa Font" and "Charles Richter," especially when those sock puppet names are slapped on sock puppet accounts to try to avoid the ban hammer after verbally abusive behavior.
Most of us never attacked you personally, Mr. Carufel.  We may have criticized your behavior, we may even have drawn attention to the public records of your past criminal behavior, but we sure as fuck didn't go whining to a local TV station and accuse a bunch of people we didn't know of being out to get us.  But you did that, Mr. Carufel.  You did it to us.  And you did it when most of us had never done anything to you more vicious than not like your damn books.
So now, all these long months later, you found out Melissa Douthit was lying to you, stabbing you in the back, playing you for a fool, using you and then casting you aside.  Aw, as my late husband would have said, my heart pumps purple panther piss for you, Mr. Carufel.  What about the reviewers you threatened with arrest and incarceration because all they did was not like your books?  What about the doxxing and the threats of lawsuits?  What about the total denial of facts, facts, facts, that were put in front of your face in black and white (or whatever colors your computer monitor displays in) over and over and over?  What about the bordering-on-libelous posts you threw up at every fucking blog you could find?
You never cared about the truth, and you never cared about anyone else but yourself, Mr. Carufel.  You didn't care who you hurt, whose reputation as a reviewer you maligned, whose membership at GoodReads you undermined, whose privacy you invaded (or tacitly encouraged others to invade).  You never gave a rat's ass about anyone but yourself.
So is this latest bullshit some kind of play for sympathy?  Are we supposed to pat you on your little coke head and say, "It's okay, Ricky.  We're sorry Melissa hurt your precious feelings and suckered you into her little circle of jerks.  We know you didn't mean anything by all your hateful words toward us."?  Don't expect that kind of bullshit from me, Mr. Carufel.
If anything, I dislike you even more now than I did before.   
We kept putting the truth out there in front of you and you just flat out refused to believe it.  You were so right and we were so wrong.  We were the bullies and the trolls, the jealous haters and liars.  And then Melissa dumped you, shit on you, discarded you like a used condom, and finally you see her for what she is, what we saw her as well over a year ago.  What took you so long, Mr. Carufel?
And you're still calling us bullies.  You're still refusing to understand that we never bullied anyone.  Not you, not Melissa Douthit, not Carroll Bryant, not Peggy Holloway or M.T. Dismuke or Sharon Desruisseaux or Steve Nedelton or Eve Thomas or Lauren Howard or Lloyd Lofthouse or Jac Wright or Victor Bertolaccini.  We reviewed, or maybe only "shelved" your books, but we never did anything to you personally.  We never threatened you with arrest; we never contacted your employer or hunted for and posted your not previously public personally identifying information online.
You owe us an apology, and then you owe us your silence.  You, along with Carroll Bryant and Jaq D. Hawkins and V.L. Dreyer and Tony McFadden and all the other butthurt STGRB "minions"  who just could not bear the thought that, to paraphrase H. L. Mencken, someone, somewhere, didn't like their books.


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Raising the Dead on Goodreads may sound like a Dance Macabre, but unfortuneately it is very fitting. I am sure many have seen the following blog post today, and there is a reason I put it upfront into my own post once more.

V.L. Dreyer claims that "false ratings are against the US-law". 

Now let me introduce "Julia". "Julia" is a member of the Goodreads community. So what is so special about "Julia"? I´ll come to that in a minute, I promise. ;-) 

As you can see, "Julia" joined Goodreads in November 2013, just two months ago. She loves cats, cooking and reading in many genres. 


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Eve Thomas-Truth Is Her Bitch

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" I have spoken the truth, substantiated all evidence it is now in the authorities and Twitters hands.  " Eve Thomas


So here is her truth:



Here is mine:





I am a survivor, I will not be harassed, intimidated, victimized, or used by this unscrupulous woman for her own gain. No one else should either.

Alert, Badly Behaving Authors on a rampage!

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Neverwas - Kelly  Moore, Tucker Reed, Larkin Reed

This three authors have been harassing reviewers, they went into Litchick's (Cory) review and harassed her for not finishing the book. Accused reviewers of intentionally triggering her PTSD. They later attacked Shelby and then Kelly Moore followed Shelby into BL and started posting in Shelby's space about how all this is "harming" her and that reviewers are "punishing" her and her daughters when they post 1 star reviews.


I just received an email from GR saying this:


Hi Eva,
We are contacting you in regard to the following review:
As the reviews is predominantly about the author's behavior and not about the book, it violates our review guidelines. We will give you 2 calendar days to decide what to do, whether that means backing up the information through our export feature for your personal records or editing the content to comply with our guidelines. If the review continues to break our rules, it will be deleted per our policy after 2 days.
If you do not wish to edit the content, we might suggest moving it into the private notes field for your own personal use.
Best regards,
The Goodreads Team
I have already taken down the text but this was my review.

EDIT: 20/12/2013

More reasons never to read any of this author's future books.


For reasons, that can be explain in the link, I have decided not to read this book.

Quite obviously these authors are going hyperbole flagging down 1 star reviews in anger and in effort to get these reviewers to shut up and get rid of their reviews. I will not stand by it, GR might had taken down my review but my voice will not be silence. 


Am I the only one who can't get in using Firefox? Using IE works fine, but I never use that. If that's an ongoing problem I don't see myself there very much.

Reading progress update: I've read 95.

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