What Makes You Die - Tom Piccirilli

I received this book from Librarything in exchange for a review so here goes. How does one go about reviewing a book if you can't even decide what genre it belongs to? From the blurb you would be inclined to think it a horror novel. And while there are moments of unease and dread, not to mention ghosts and ritual sacrifice I would be hard pressed to call it horror. There are some laugh out loud moments but it's not a comedy. And a couple of sex scenes do not a romance novel make (though I'm sure there are some "authors" who would disagree!) I guess the best way to describe it would be as the story of a man coming back from the brink. But the brink of exactly what I think depends on the reader. And while it contains ghosts and violence and witches and Komodo Dragons, The feeling I was left with most was hope.