Wormwood - D. H. Nevins

This for me was one of those glad you forced yourself to go on books. I liked the beginning of it, the earth shattering around Kali's feet the eventual destruction of everything, but as the book went on and she met Tiamat and learned about him and who was responsible for all the destruction, I started getting a little fed up with her. I'm not usually a fan of the whole rapture and God's wrath stuff, since I've never bought into that whole scenario, Did this make me a little too critical of Kali and her acceptance of everything? Possibly. I kept wanting her to get angry instead of just Accepting God's will. Why was she so mad at Tiamat when he was just following orders? To be honest I kinda wanted to smack her. But as the book went on I became more sympathetic to her and by the end I was glad I had stuck with it.