30 Day Book Challenge - Day 9 - Book I thought I would Hate but Ended up Liking

Sense and Sensibility - Claire Lamont, James Kinsley, Margaret Anne Doody, Jane Austen

I am not a fan of classic literature. I read very quickly and I usually don't like having to slow down to translate. There are exceptions of course. Shakespeare comes to mind. And I also don't read for the writing, I read for the story. If there are some beautifully written passages, bonus. I never had to read Jane Austen in school. I was in the AP English classes so we tended to read more obscure books. I never thought I would want to read her books.


Then I saw the movie with Kate and Emma and Alan Rickman (I'm not the only one who found him incredibly sexy in this am I?) I loved the movie so much that I decided to give the book a try. I went into it with the expectation that it would be a dry read and would be barely tolerable.


Boy was I wrong! I got so caught up in the story and fell in love with the beautiful writing. Saying I loved it wouldn't due my feelings justice.