30 Day Book Challenge - Day 16 Favorite Female Character

Aftertime - Sophie Littlefield

This one is a little harder. I have so very many wonderful female characters to choose from. Mercy Thompson, Rachel Morgan, Anita Blake (before the magic vagina) Sookie Stackhouse, Ayla, Elphaba, Skye O'Malley. But I think my favorite is Cass Dollar. She is so very damaged and broken but tries so very hard to be a better person. She wants to be a good mother to her daughter and every time she falls she somehow manages to get back up and try again. She has such a transformation through out this way too short series. I fell in love with her completely and was so desperately sad to see her story end.


I think she resonates with me so deeply because her story hits home so well. My husband is an alcoholic. He has fought this disease so very hard for so long. He has been sober now for over 5 years, but I know he could fall at any time. But I also know that if he does he will get back up and fight again.