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Raising the Dead on Goodreads may sound like a Dance Macabre, but unfortuneately it is very fitting. I am sure many have seen the following blog post today, and there is a reason I put it upfront into my own post once more. 


V.L. Dreyer claims that "false ratings are against the US-law". 

Now let me introduce "Julia". "Julia" is a member of the Goodreads community. So what is so special about "Julia"? I´ll come to that in a minute, I promise. ;-) 

As you can see, "Julia" joined Goodreads in November 2013, just two months ago. She loves cats, cooking and reading in many genres. 


Currently Julia is reading a book written and published by Jaq D. Hawkins. 

Jaq is wildly known to set up sock puppet accounts to attack readers, five star her own books with those "throwaway accounts", or one-star those of her enemies because she sure holds grudges. Jaq also supports The Hate Site otherwise also known as Those-Who-Take-A-Shit or the Idiots and Clowns blog. However, if "Julia" enjoys the books by Jaq who am I to judge her taste, right? 

Julia is also a huge fan of the before mentioned Victoria Dreyer, and Vic´s pen name Abigail Hawk. She loves Vic´s books so much that she gave six of them five stars. A true fan. Personally I don´t understand what´s so fascinating with those books, but I simply shrug it off and move on. Different folks and so on. 



"Love Thy Enemy". A very appropriate title. 

Now that we have covered "Julia´s" reading taste it will get a little macabre. It is because of a reason very unlikely that "Julia" is indeed "Julia". The picture used as an avatar is those of a certain Dr. Corinna Elizabeth Golding. 

Dr. Corinna Elizabeth Golding of Rothesay passed away unexpectedly on Monday November 29, 2010. Three years before "Julia" joined Goodreads in November 2013.



Here is a direct link to the obituary notice. 


I am sure you can see why I have doubts that the deceased Dr. Golding is the true owner of the "Julia" account who is a fan of V.L. Dreyer and Jaq D. Hawkins. "Julia" also loves ´Harry Potter´ by J.K. Rowling and The Beatles alot, but for one reason or the other I am sure those are not involved in the account. ;-) 

I sent all those screenshots, links and my suspicions to Goodreads Customer Service by email. For reasons unknown to me no action was taken and the "Julia" account is still online until this very day. 

I try to be as respectful as possible to the family of the deceased Dr. Golding and don´t want to bring any harm of any kind to them with the posting of those information. I have also tried to get contact information to alert them about the use of the picture of the deceased Dr. Golding on Goodreads, as I assume against their unknowledge and wishes, but I was unsuccessful.

My email to Goodreads Customer Service was never replied to, and I am still waiting for even an acknowledgment of any kind.